Boomerang UK annonce la diffusion de Grizzy et les lemmings


Voici l’article publié dans le Blog de Cartoon Network :

Tomorrow (10/10/2016) at 4.30pm, Boomerang UK will premiering a brand new show – Grizzy and the Lemmings. The show is about a bear named Grizzy living in a forest ranger’s house in the Canadian wilderness, in his home, Grizzy has a comfy sofa, a home cinema system, an internet connection (in the middle of nowhere); he has all the home comforts anyone would ever want, but ironically his life is extremely uncomfortable, you could say unBEARable.

The reason why you might ask? Lemmings, lots and lots of lemmings. Grizzy only wants a peaceful life but the Lemmings put poor Grizzy into all sorts of unfortunate and painful mishaps, but to the lemmings it’s a form of comedy and entertainment. Grizzy is a 500 pound bear but unfortunately for him, he’s outnumbered. The show’s humour is driven by the rivalry between the bear and the lemmings outsmarting each other. When life give you lemmings, things might get a little difficult. The show is made in 3D CGI and is made by French animation studio – Studio Hari.

Grizzy and the Lemmings is part of Turner Kids UK’s (Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito) Awesome Autumn programming line-up, which includes new shows and new episodes.